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Center by LeadPages – In-Depth Guide & Examples

by | 2 March 2016

Center by Leadpages is here. It was released today with a message from Clay Collins, the LeadPages founder.

Article Updated: 20 May 2016 to include PayPal read integration.

In this video I go through my first look and impression of the system and how it is likely to develop in the future.

Center by LeadPages First Look Video


Hey, how are you doing? It’s Henry here from Fridge. It’s pretty one of the most revolutionary pieces of software potentially created. LeadPages have just sent me an e-mail saying, “Center Early Access is now here.”

Let’s just log-in with the LeadPages details. Awesome, very clever as well. Let’s see what this is all about.

I’m going to try and review it but they have openly said that they are not at the place that they want to be. A lot of the services I use, Active campaign, Webinar Jam, aren’t included quite yet. I may not be in a position to use the facilities for a bit but they’ve made up with a few free gifts.

/Rules. Let’s see what these automation rules we can do. We are met by a very nice, clean, I don’t know 4.0 maybe. Are we in 4.0 yet?

Maybe this is the start to work of web 4.0. Center is the start. I guess, create segments, and create actions. I guess integrations. How are we going to integrate with things? Let’s try and connect something. [00:01:56]

Going to try, GoToWebinar that I do use for some things. For some reason just the whole webinar jam, I don’t know. It’s just nicer to hear and it works so we just integrated with it over seamless.

I would just pause the video a second and just sort out my Stripe details for screen.

Coming back alive again, I just signed in on Stripe on a panel of the screen. Just because I don’t stay signed in to Stripe for obvious reasons. There’s a whole lot of money flying around.

Let’s create an API key. Obviously, you will be surprised that I just blank out my API key. Connected, very simple.

Do I have an old MailChimp account that I could try and use? Might be very, very old. In fact, it might be before the chimp was ever a chimp. I don’t know.

Ah, yes. Scary stuff. I do have a MailChimp account. Again, you might be shocked that I’m hiding my API key. I wonder if having MailChimp integration means we can integrate with Mildred.

I think that would be a really nice one to integrate. Certainly, when it comes to webinars. It will be a lot nicer to be sending transactional style e-mails rather than pair it to my e-mail account.

Add account. Create a segment. How do I add actions? Support. What do I do? Okay, so do I click on them? There you go. There you go, the mystery has been solved.

Don’t have any current webinars. Let’s not do that one then.

Let’s do a MailChimp thing to see how I could theoretically set this up.

Subscribes to. We can pick up the location, date, start, plus add— What else can we add with it? Nope. You can add a couple of [00:05:54] in there. That’s cool.

Create segments. Presume you can do things, like, “Are they on my list? Have they attend my work enough for an x amount of time.”

Then apply the actions, save contact center. It does a very positive step. Then will just an send an e-mail for arguments sake to Henry.

Then test, embedded demo.

I’m just going to stop the video there. I think we’ve gone through a couple of the basic. Real first impressions of Center to see what it’s all about, see in what you can theoretically do.

As I said, they’ve been very open and honest and I think really cool to say, “Look we aren’t quite there yet but we did promise you this, we did promise you at this day. We are going to let you in and at least get to see what it is all about.”

Obviously, some people here are on Awebinar and MailChimp are going to be able to use these things straight away. But for me I’m am an ActiveCampaign user. I’ve dabbled with ConvertKit and Drip as well. I don’t know because I like playing.

I think my first impressions are what a clean interface. This is probably Web 4.0 and I’m excited if you know first impressions and I can see the potentials already. There’s been quite a lot of hype but I think the potential to where it can go, it’s just going to revolutionize the way that marketing is done same as the way I approach marketing.

I don’t care if it’s doesn’t help anyone else. It’s really going to change the way I do. I’m sending lots of peers similar thoughts as well.

This is a piece of software that can literally going to change about marketing. Hats off to Leadpages.

This is First Impressions and we are going to keep doing, just keep doing these, keep finding out more and just seeing on what we can do because this is the marketing 4.0 revolution if you ask me.

If you like, what you’ve seen. Obviously hit that subscribe leave that comment and we will be talking again soon.


As Clay said in his blog post, they are behind where they wanted to be at this point. However, they have made the effort to ensure the early adopter’s aren’t out of pocket, by not charging anyone for the first months use, as they continue to add more of their initial basic integrations.

Image of Center by LeadPages Launch Integrations

Center by LeadPages Launch Integrations

Center by Leadpages Integrations

Read Integrations

At present Center integrates with:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • GoToWebinar
  • Stripe
  • ZenDesk
  • Wistia
  • PayPal
  • LeadPages

Write Integrations

At present Center integrates with:

  • Send Email (to desired address)
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • GoToWebinar
  • Infuionsoft
  • GetResponce
  • Constant Contact
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Ontraport
  • WebinarJam
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • HubSpot

Future Center Integrations

They have plans to add more in the next few weeks including:

  • WebHooks
  • WooCommerce
  • iContact
  • Zapier
  • interspire
  • Mad Mini
  • Emma

I think these initial first milestone integrations will be big news for marketers. And as soon as Infusionsoft joins the party, I would have said that all the email platforms that the serious marketers use will be integrated.

I will be extending this by the way as I lead more and try more things with Center by LeadPages, so stay tuned!

Updated: Infuionsoft Write Integration Now Live


Start Right NowHey guys! How are you doing? It’s Henry here. Welcome back.

There’s been another update to Center by LeadPages and I think it’s worth talking about for a couple of minute or so, just really a nice update in the Center by LeadPages Early Adopter Group on Facebook yesterday from Patrick who’s posted it in Facebook. He’s really cool.

Just saying that Infusionsoft is now available.

For every serious marketer, we’ve got now something to actually use. That’s really cool. At the moment it’s only “Write” integration. Let’s say you want someone pays on Stripe, you can now write it straight into Infusionsoft.

I think you could have done that with Zapier. But I think at the moment, obviously it’s just a write integration. It’s just probably most easy than Zapier. Zapier is a headache and a half to some. I think it’s really cool. I love it but it’s a bit of headache sometimes to setup.

I think where there is going to come into designing, we dived into what I think Center is going to be about, where I think it’s really going to come into its own is when you can really start tracking people around your website and you can get in-depth knowledge where they’ve been and if they signed up for webinars, if they’ve seen e-commerce pages, if they spent x amount of time on blog pages, on pricing pages.

I think that’s where Center is really going to come into its own and then being able to go out there and notify the CRM, the email marketing system.

Also, on backend, I know there’s services that do this already where in the backend you want to make sure how often people engage with your app, all that other stuff – is to be able to – if they haven’t signed up for five days and they’re on seven-day trial like, get some badass sequence out quickly. Come on, you understand where you’re going, kind of thing.

In that first 24 hours, if people aren’t logged in a few times, get them sequence. Get them educated on your system even if you’re a normal consultant or some sort.

I find it interesting that Center decided that the first two integrations were Aweber and Mailchimp of which I know they’re very popular but I think the people who I think are going to gain from Center, seriously are not those people that use those two platforms.

I find it an interesting move why they integrated with them first. I guess, two things – they’re really easy to integrate with anything. That’s one hats off to those two companies. Their APIs are really easy to work with. But I don’t see that market being Center’s market long term. Just that was an interesting that I wondered about.

I can see how Stripe integration really helps and Gotowebinar and stuff. Right now we can do stuff. If you’re using Gotowebinar [0:03:51.7] but mainly WebinarJam or Infusionsoft like if you sign up for LeadPages webinar right now and you missed after five minutes or 10 minutes, they’ll send you an email just like friendly reminding you that it just started.

I think right now that power for getting right up even if it’s only 10-15%, if you’re making $10,000 a webinar, it’s big. You add that up with entirely anything.

I think Center will pay for itself right there if you can just do that integration.

I think I’m going to come back to where I think it can go at the moment. Not everything I really use is integration. Darren asked Patrick a days ago about Active Campaign. That’s one. I’ve got a couple of clients on Infusionsoft but I’m not going to borrow their account just to do a few demos because that’s just not cool.

Darren asked about Active Campaign and Patrick said in a couple of weeks or two weeks, that’s cool.

They also released an integration availability timeline or list. You can see here that obviously, they’re going to integrate with themselves. That’s nice. PayPal is going to be useful. Zendesk is going to useful as well.

All the [0:05:33.7] write integrations seem generally are the email marketing platforms and Infusionsoft has obviously been ticked off that list. That’s all ready to go.

I think their integration with Zapier is going to be huge. Although in a way it’s top level, Center is kind of doing what Zapier does at the moment, I think longer term with those more detailed abilities Zapier is going to become a secondary thing that you use instead of trying to force some of these theoretical ideas that Center can do in Zapier at the moment.

Webinarjam is going to be a good integration although again, until there’s more real integrations, that side of thing isn’t going to be too useful. I think we’re looking at a system that is game changing. I think they’ve been very open so they’re not quite where they want to be but I also think integrating all these services just takes a lot amount of time. Like I write the odds of integration where I need to and want to for clients and me and any random thing I want to do. It takes time.

Even if you’ve got one person there spending all day trying to integrate Infusionsoft, that would be a week or two’s job minimum and to do it properly. It will probably be a month, two months and you got to test it with the rest.

I think WooCommerce integration is going to be used. SamCart is going to be huge. Vimeo is going to be huge. Zapier is going to be huge. I can really see this coming together. As I said, I’m not in the position to really be testing it. I might dig out my old Mailchimp account and just have a play, subscribe to myself and see what varied things I can do at the moment.

I think where this is going to come into its own is where the intelligence of combining your website with three other platforms at the same time plus webinar, generally building a really clear picture of what people are doing and kicking off campaigns based on so many things.

I look forward to the next integration and I will also do another video that’s a bit more hands on next time, as well.

Thank you very much for watching, listening and doing anything else you felt like doing. I hope not too much.

If you’ve liked this, enjoyed it and you want some more cool-ass marketing thing including Center by LeadPages, updates and previews, there’s a few more available, then hit that subscribe button and leave a comment below.

If you’re not in the blog post, jump over to the blog post and get discussing with Center with everyone else.

Have an awesome day guys. Catch you soon.


Update: Center by Leadpages now integrates with ActiveCampaign


Hey, how are you going? Its Henry here and in this video today, we are going to through exactly what is going on with Center by LeadPages. The new integrations they’ve got plus, where they are going in the future.

The very first thing that we can look at is they’ve got a couple— They got one new integration that you can kick-off things at Zendesk. That is a nice integration to have and that is something I am going to be integrating within a couple of weeks time as we are moving all to Zendesk. Just because its kind of good.

They’ve still got the Mail Chimp, AWeber, GoToWebinar, Stripe, Wistia stuff. As I’ve said, I can’t work out for the life of me why they pay to Mail Chimp and AWeber first part from they got really easy APIs soon to integrate with. But hey, and stripe is cool so that is cool to have.

But they have, that is from the Read side. If something happens on the Read side. These are the ones that you can integrate with. If someone joins the Mail Chimp list for an instance. Then we can kick-off from another action so…

Let’s just go and get a random thing from my very ancient Mail Chimp account. Let’s go see what we can do from applied actions. This is where they’ve added quite a few things at the last few weeks.

They, in the last videos, I said, they have now integrated with Infusionsoft on the right side. So you can now put effectively, put contacts into Infusionsoft. When we are talking about, right. You can’t get contacts out but we can put contacts into Infusionsoft.

Same we get response, Constant Contacts, Active Campaign, I am happy about because that is mine. I am going to sort my integration out very soon. Also. Ontraport and Webinar Jam. Webinar Jam is a pretty cool one to have. And yes, that will just be a nice going forth.

So you can see they’ve really— They are starting to really get a grip with all the main email master providers, that is really good. Yes, on the right sizing. Basically, put stuff into those systems. I can’t get it back out but you put stuff in. And when they…

This really comes to what works with system and they’ve got whole job de-scripting going. Tracking what is going on your website. As well as all these other platforms. Then yes, [00:02:38] right stuff into your email, providers going to be absolutely awesome.

If someone is logged in like four times or if people have been to your sales page like ten times but not converted. You can send them a nice email just so that is everything on that side. As I said not everything is going to be there at the start. But hey, that is why is in [00:03:12] and that is why we are early adaptors and that is why its cool.

That is everything on the inside of the Center at the moment. And couple of days ago, they released in the next couple of weeks plans and where are they going, what they are doing with them. This “W” means right integration so you could put stuff into it. And “A” means read, so you take stuff out of it. That is basically, what those two things mean.

28th of March, couple of days ago and there are some tutorials and bug fixes or its going to be that. This week coming week, we got PayPal, themselves, it is nice and Webhooks.

Webhooks are going to be really huge. Anyone who is kind of a bit pass of sort of basic to marketing, Webhooks is basically going to open Center up to anywhere, any platform that is got API is going to be able to we are going to be able to work with Webhooks so that is really going to be a positive step.

Obviously, there is not tons of things it currently reads from. But as they keep working through the system and adding things that is only going to more and more expensive. The Webhooks is huge, is really— I think the first big upgrade to Center. That is really going to open it up to literally any platform.

If you don’t know what Webhooks are, I will get some links to some Webhooks stuff. I might do another video on them because they are really powerful. Basically, anyone with an API that is pretty much every major service on the internet. You can work with Webhooks. You can work with that data on Webhooks and send it somewhere else. Basically, Webhooks is going to open it up to everything.

The following week, obviously, a couple of features and that is cool. iContact’s never really used it, couldn’t care less. But I am sure some people have. Again, it’s right integration so you could put stuff into it.

Zapier, in the acceptance, I hope they do. I mean, that is going to be the other-side is being able to match Webhooks and Zapier and send it altogether. That is hugely powerful combination. And to having basically, opening up to every other app on Zapier is going to be huge. That is going to be a really exciting integration to see if that becomes true.

We’ve also got Mad [00:06:03] and a few others and Convert Kit and Drip. I know quite a few people very excited about that. The next couple of weeks look really good.

They are still working on their email provider integration side of things. I think they need to get that off in place first before they can really start adding loads of other functionality. Because the whole point is or a lot of the point is you want to be sending out emails and knowing what is going on in your CRM/email provider, to be able to send those emails at the right times, when things happen. I think they are really working on that for the next couple of weeks.

It’s going to be interesting to see after April, are where what else comes in. And also, really what happens on the Read side. When something happens like in LeadPages, we can read that and send it somewhere else and do something and also notify website or the rest.

That is what the next couple of weeks looks like. I think it is still very much in the stage of development but you can tell that there is some really great system that come together. Even just the UI or sort of usability side, just really nice, its cleans, it is simple. You can tell that this stuff could get really insane with the kind of things you can do.

I am still not really in position with the— I am still not really in the position to be integrating with much. Because I don’t have, I cannot really use GoToWebinar anymore, I use Webinar Jam. I need sort of a bit, a few more apps on the Read side to get this stuff really useful.

But I can see how it is really developing and how it is actually it is going to help people right now. Specially, people that using GoToWebinar and Stripe. Those two I can see that being really useful right this second. If you are an early adopter, awesome and if you are not, it is all coming and it’s really building up really stage by stage. The web 4.0 experience that I think, I talked about in my previous video, is said it come together.

Thank you very much for your time. We are going to be checking in back into Center in the next week or as they add Webhooks integration. I will show you a couple of thing we can do with Webhooks and get some practical stuff in here.

Because the last couple of videos have been very much just, “This service has been added. This service has been added.” But with Webhooks, we’ll get a couple of demos on the go and see what we can do with Center.

Thank you for our time. If you like this video, hit subscribe button. If you are not on the blog post, come over to the blog post, where there is way more information and some practical demos and all the rest and I look forward to catching you soon.


Update: Center by LeadPages now Integrates With PayPal

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